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Snape meets lily in the afterlife, a harry potter fanfic. For this new video, i did an a capella version of the harry potter. Dec 7, 2015 harry potter series het pairing severus snape and lily evans ship. Snapes very first words to harry were secretly about lily due to the ongoing covid19 pandemic, our coverage will be reduced. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned. Harry was untrained in and a noob at occlumency, and snape was a very powerful legilimens, so of course hed penetrate harrys mind in any circumstance. Lily would have been disgusted if she saw the way snape. He put himself in all that danger so that lilys death would not go in vain. Every detail you might have missed in the books insider. Severus snape and lily potters relationship was never exactly normal. See more ideas about snape and lily, severus snape and harry potter. How would you rate each popular harry potter ships involving the.

Harry potter characters react to ships snacosnape x. Why did lily potter marry james potter instead of severus snape, if snape. Obviously lily ultimately chose james potter over severus snape, and lily and james got married and had their only child, harry potter. Its 20 years since harry potter and the philosophers stone was published in the uk, and fans across the world are celebrating. Severus snape and the marauders harry potter prequel duration. Harry was just a thing for snape that lily loved the most in the world and wanted to protect. He knew it because he awoke in a room that was not the shrieking shack. We cant wait to get back to serving you all of the latest fandom. May 12, 2020 explore avadakedabruhs board snape and lily. This is a short video in relation to the love between severus snape and lily evanspotter. So, the crappy, crackship ones like snapehermione or dumbledoreharry will not.

Severus snapes revelation about lily potter was threaded into earlier harry potter. For this episode, they cut right to the core with some commentary on how exactly voldemort lost to harry potter. Deathly hallows part 2 soundtrack which is snape and lily s theme, which was of course, played in the film. Now snape, as we know, does not go through life with his eyes closed. On the evidence of harry potter and the half blood prince, he is one of the most talented wizards and easily the most icecold. Read snacosnape x draco from the story harry potter characters react to ships by kawaiicatgirl19 with 175 reads.

It has been mentioned that rowling is highly skilled at what is called the setup and payoff writing style. The reason that snape s patronus matches lily s is because he was in love with her, as harry tells the dark lord. But lily could have just as easily made another choice, and despite some of snapes more obvious negative qualities she certainly did have strong feelings for him as well. Whether or not that memory is the worst because lily witnessed snape being bullied and his discolored underpants or because he resorted to calling her a slur, well never be certain, but his humiliation is certain to play a part in it. See more ideas about snape and lily, severus snape and lily evans. Harry glimpses snapes worst memory in fifth year and discovers that his father was not the great guy that any orphaned child would prefer to envision. Snapes very first words to harry were secretly about lily. Rowlings harry potter series contains brilliant threads of. Additionally, pairings can be given a variety of names. This video is about snapes love for his childhood friend lily evenspotter.

Lily would have been disgusted by pretty much everything snape did. If anyone has a talent for getting themselves into trouble over and over, its harry james potter and snape risks his life by continuously trying to help and save him. Snape or james with lily from harry potter duration. The legendary actor who won millions of fans worldwide as professor severus snape has died of cancer. Rowling just explained why harry potter named his son. We are given a glimpse into snapes past, and see that he is horribly bullied by james potter at school, the father figure harry always idealised. James potter didnt change so that lily evans would marry. After thinking about lily and how she would meet her son soon, he saw a train. They continued to circle each other like wolves about to tear each other apart. The harry potter fandom is unique in the variety and sheer number of pairings that are present within it. Animation harry potter and the portrait of what looked like a large pile of ash duration.

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