Purchasing and inventory management books

A big trend is for organizations to blend their operational functions under the umbrella known as supply chain management. Supplier and inventory management hochschule kempten. As the name suggests, the book includes every essential topic under inventory. Good book on the basics quickly unlike daunting bulky text books. Writing for both practitioners and students, the authors help you understand all facets of inventory management. Guide to purchasing management in a manufacturing business a step by step guide to purchasing and supply chain management jim black, the owner of a small foundry, complained bitterly one day about the amount of defective material he was receiving. Historically, purchasing evolved as a weak part of manufacturing, gained its independence, and expanded to a financial contributer to a companys success.

Inventory management is a collection of interdisciplinary processes that include a full circle from supply chain management to demand forecasting, through inventory control and including reverse logistics. Recommended reading list of books related to inventory management, manufacturing. The book goes well beyond typical inventory management books by tearing apart the calculations and logic we use in inventory management and exposing the hidden or. Though these activities are now viewed as part of the all encompassing supply chain management, purchasing and inventory management are very important. Are you in hunt of best inventory management books which can help you to cut inventory costs. New technologies, new tools, new philosophy and new thinking, purchasing and inventory management has undergone a complete transformation. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers.

Forms and logs developing forms and logs developing an appropriate recordkeeping system is an important step for inventory management. This book is an authoritative guide on everything you need to know about being a procurement manager. Inventory management explained focuses on the key planning aspects of inventory management. Purchasing and supply management includes the latest management, procurement, and negotiation techniques and the authors have taken great care to integrate the impact of global commerce on the buyers job. Perfect for novice and veteran managers alike, this ultrapractical book covers topics such as. This materials management books can also be used for other advanced tasks like handling special procurement, forecasting, and the use of classification systems. This purchasing management book features timeless stockkeeping fundamentals meeting uptothe minute technologies to optimize efficiency and drive profits. Introduction to materials management mm lets you learn to use mm for important tasks like inventory management, purchase orders, and. Inventory management is about more than counting what youve got. The answer to the question of what is inventory management is. Materials managers, production planners, purchasing professionals. Whatever the issue in procurement, resources are available to help you get to the top of your field, and stay there. The first part of supplier management focuses on strategic purchasing decisions.

Inventory management in an emergency is more project based, matching supply with demand in a rapidly changing environment. Top 5 materials management books every scm professional must. Essentials of inventory management kindle edition by muller, max. Coming from jon schreibfeder is president of effective inventory management. So, as a purchasing professional, you must understand. It includes many formulas andover 50 tables and charts that cover all areas of inventory management. Introduction to materials management mm lets you learn to use mm for important tasks like inventory management, purchase orders, and requesting quotations. Books on inventory management, manufacturing, and warehouse. Top 5 materials management books every scm professional. The section inventory management starts with a general introduction about the. Purchasing and inventory management have undergone tremendous changes in last few years. Forecasting, lot sizing, safety stock, and ordering systems are explained in great detail. The definitive guide to inventory management is the most authoritative, complete introduction to planning, running, measuring, and improving inventory management operations.

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