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An evaporative cooling system is a system which moves air through a screen or spray of water. Greenhouse heater requirements depend upon the amount of heat loss from the. Pdf fan and pad greenhouse evaporative cooling systems r. Designed with the grower in mind, these cooling pads and systems will use heat in the air to evaporate water from plants and other wetted surfaces that. Evaporative cooling, evap pads, greenhouse cooling, humidity relief. In florida, greenhouse temperatures can easily exceed. Fan and pad greenhouse evaporative cooling systems.

The btu capacity of the heating system equals q the total exposed outside area of the greenhouse sides, ends, and roof in square feet equals a the heat loss factor that quantifies the rate at which heat energy flows out of the greenhouse is equal to. The basis of any evaporative cooling system is the evaporation of water into an airstream. Energy efficiency in greenhouse evaporative cooling. After providing stabile cooling by opening fanpad system, hourly mean temperature and relative humidity along greenhouse from pad to fan ranged between 20. Fan and pad greenhouse evaporative cooling systems1 edis. Ventilation is required for greenhouse cooling to remove heated greenhouse air and to introduce drier air for evaporative cooling. Cropking uses the fan and pad cooling method as their greenhouse cooling system. Evaporative cooling systems using a combination of evaporative pads and extractor fans require greenhouses to be hermetic.

The most common way of accomplishing evaporative cooling in a greenhouse is with a fan and pad system figure 1. Fogging systems are still not widely used for greenhouse cooling mainly owing to their low cooling efficiency and high risk of pathogen expansion caused by excess wetness of plant foliage. Relevant information about the system characteristics, application and performance of the existing greenhouse cooling technologies such as ventilation natural and forced, shadingreflection. Calculating heating needs heating systems are rated in british thermal units btu per hour h. Both types of summer evaporative cooling system can reduce the greenhouse air temperature. Greenhouse cooling system air cooling system cropking. Cooling system mounted inside the structure most greenhouse applications. A glaciercor evaporative wet wall pad, including selfcontained water distribution system no sump tank needed is on the south end of the house. Performance analysis of a greenhouse fanpad cooling system.

The best time to measure wet bulb temperature to calculate the potential cooling performance of the evaporative cooling system is in the afternoon. Achieve and maintain cooler temperatures in your greenhouse in any climate with a costeffective evaporative cooling system. Review design and technology for greenhouse cooling in tropical and subtropical regions. Fan and pad greenhouse evaporative cooling systems find, read and cite all the research you. The following will serve as an example for designing a pad cooling system for a gutterconnected greenhouse. Cooling walls are a great way to buffer those hot summer days inside your greenhouse.

For a moderately shaded greenhouse, the ventilation system should be designed to be. Fan and pad greenhouse evaporative cooling systems 2 frequently drift out of calibration and should be checked against standards on a regular basis. Nate storey of bright agrotech shows you what a homemade cooling. Ends to be enclosed to direct air flow through the cool cells. The fanand pad system can lower the temperature of.

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