Anti matter film completed

The story is about a bunch of students performing an experiment who discover the secret to teleportation. With most bigbudget science fiction movies ignoringintelligence in the. Antimatter band, a uk art rock band antimatter, a cubanate album. This is done to make the audience feel as lost as ana does. Dedicated to the exhibition and nurturing of diverse forms of media art, antimatter is one of the premier showcases of experimentation in film, video, audio and emerging timebased forms. Antimatter particles bind with each other to form antimatter, just as ordinary particles bind to form normal matter. In particular, such a trap may use the dipole moment electric or magnetic of the trapped particles. Its all well done all the whole, the acting is decent, directing is solid and. Antimatter is material composed of antiparticles in the same way normal matter is composed of particles antimatter may also refer to. While all due care and attention will be exercised, the festival cannot accept or assume responsibility for damage or loss of materials submitted. For example, a positron the antiparticle of the electron and an antiproton the antiparticle of the proton can form an antihydrogen atom. Ana, an oxford phd student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. Deep space nine novel written by john vornholt antimatter, a song by swedish metal band dragonland from the album astronomy. The film echoes memento in its disorientation and, on some level, resembles another christopher.

Anti matter is a scifi noir take on alice in wonderland tale. Anti matter is a hugely ambitious film that soars as often as it falls flat. It then turns into scifi, a bit of horror, a random chase movie thriller, and a romantic drama. Anti matter official hd trailer 2018 scifi film threat. Anti matter is a deeply involving film which uses its low budget as a strength rather than let it be a weakness. Anti matter aka worm may be a scifi noir combat the alice in wonderland tale. Just because a thing can be done doesnt mean it should be done. The film follows ana, a phd student at oxford who, during her research, stumbles. Anti matter is intriguing and intelligent, a fully sophisticated offering that never becomes dull or hackneyed in its telling. Encompassing screenings, installations, performances and media hybrids, antimatter provides a noncompetitive setting in victoria, british columbia, free from commercial and industry agendas. A scientist faces the question of what makes us whole and if there is a part of us that is not part of this physical world when she discovers how to travel through a worm hole. Ana, an oxford phd student, finds herself unable to create new memories following an experiment to get and travel through a wormhole. Anti matter aka worm is a scifi noir take on the alice in. Anti matter aka worm is a scifi noir take on the alice in wonderland tale.

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