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Engaged in a crucial race to find a new energy source for their home planet of cybertron, the heroic autobots must defend the innoce. Four million years after crashlanding on an unfamiliar planet, sentient robots with the ability to disguise themselves as common vehicles awaken on presentday earth. Just did the g1 season 2 intro with the animated theme, which is here. The movie is in continuity with the cartoon series, occurring 20 years after the end of season 2 in the thenfuturistic year of 2005. Autobot spike changing gears city of steel attack of the autobots traitor were joined by special guests. The transformers continued in japan as transformers. Additionally, transformers cyberverse writer randolph heard has tweeted some info about the new season as well as the release date of. Although frequently used to simply refer to the original 19841991 marvel comic series, 19841987 animated series, the term encompasses all transformers fiction from 1984 to 1992. It was the single biggest turning point for the series, and remains controversial. Here is the opening and closing credits and theme song from season 2 of the hit saturday morning cartoon the transformers. Transformers g1 cartoon series season 2 lukis bros transformers collector site. Each season of the transformers boasted an original title sequence with varying performances of the classic transformers theme song. The opening for seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the transformers all shared the same lyrics but different backing music.

Watch transformers g1 season 2 opening optimus on dailymotion. Suppose the g1 sunbow tf cartoon had lasted the same length of time as the marvel comic book 19841991. The fourth season, however, did not feature any new animation in its opening sequence, instead combining together footage from the third season opening and various clips of animation from 1987 toy commercials. Com now has the transformers animated theme song available in mp3 format available for download. The flow the animation was really nice and i like the odd frumpy horn sound in the theme song. If you love transformers g1 and have to choose between season 1 and 2. Go back in time with this throwback clip and experience the opening theme song from the first season of the transformers series from 1984.

A fifth season was aired in the united states but consisted entirely of reruns of previous episodes being told as stories by powermaster optimus prime. Here is season 2 of transformers g1 that i have posted in order. Observer spoke with writer and executive producer jeff pinkner before he took a notes call on a season 2. Go back in time with this throwback clip and experience the opening theme song from the second season of the transformers series from 1985.

The transformers g1 cartoon vhs releases scratchpad. G1 transformers season 2 alt opening with instrumental season 3. Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the decepticons. Season 2 has been regarded by many as the best season of the original transformers g1 series, from an allround storylineanimation perspective. Sentient robotic beings from cybertron crash land on earth, divided into two factions the autobots and decepticons as they both vie for energon. Get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music sports gaming movies tv shows news live. Transformers cartoons finger family children nursery rhymes transformers finger family rhymes. For season 4, however, the opening credit sequence is a mishmash of existing animation, combining highquality animation sequences from some of the 1986 and 1987 toy commercials with segments of the season 3 and transformers 2010 opening credits, which were of a visibly different art style. The writing is greatly improved and the production quality skyrocketed compared to season 1.

And just for rid fans and tony, i also put the animated intro theme with the rid intro vid. With the series having proved a great success, the second season was created with the intent of getting the series into syndication and thus. Watch transformers g1 season 3 opening optimus on dailymotion. Transformers g1 soundtrack season 2 opening cartoon. Seasons 1 and 2 each offered unique performances of the theme song, while from season 3 onward, a third and final version was performed and used exclusively. Cartoon network has uploaded the first two episode on their website you can know watch episode 1 sea of tranquility part 1 and episode 2 bad moon rising for free streaming 10 minutes each episode. Transformers g1 season 2 mp3 high quality download at musiceel.

Introducing new transformers called headmasters and target masters. Watch the transformers g1 2x03 city of steel mathewravencaller on dailymotion. Includes featurette triple changer, featurette the combiner, historical trailers and toy ads, concept art 1, fan film, and opening and closing animations. The transformers theme is a song composed and written by ford kinder and anne bryant that was originally used in the transformers television series and hasbros commercials. During many of the transformers scenes and sequences you will notice alot of coloring mistakes. Transformers began its original syndicated run on september 17, 1984, with the threepart origins episode, more than meets the eye. It may be because im as more a fan of anime then of transformers but i would love to see more animeesque openings, something that will draw your.

Go back in time with this throwback clip and experience the opening theme song from the first season of the transformers. Season 3 and 4 of transformers is nothing like seasons 1 and 2. Full season and episodes free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and tv television shows. Are any seibertronians out there from the g1 days enjoying the fusion of new and old. Musiceel download transformers g1 season 2 mp3 music. The transformers season 2 outro end of tape the transformers. The term generation 1, or g1, is a retronym, coined after the advent of 1992s transformers.

We jump head first into season 2 of the original transformers cartoon series, taking a deeper look into. Season 2 opening transformers g1 soundtrack cartoon. Transformers g1 season 3 opening video dailymotion. More than meets the eye, part 2 in search of energy now that planet cybertron has finally been drained, the autobots must leave cybertron and venture to other worlds in search for energy, but to make matters worse, they are also pursued by the decepticons, who are also seeking energy themselves if they are to win the war against the autobots. Transformers animated theme songs available transformers. Transformers season 2 opening and closing credits and theme. The transformers franchise has been around for decades. The original the transformers shows that aired on saturday morning did not have as many coloring mistakes as this dvd set. In part one, the two warring transformer armies, the. Watch the transformers g1 2x02 changing gears mathewravencaller on dailymotion. Tfarchive transformers cartoons transformers episode guide. And i also did the outros with the animated outro theme for the first two seasons, too.

Transformers animated theme page 2 tfw2005 the 2005. Transformers g1 season 2 opening video dailymotion. Transformers g1 season 2 intro and outro 19851986 hq. This was sourced from one of the early dvd releases in the uk, i guess the video master they recieved just came like this. Transformers cyberverse season 2 power of the spark. The transformers season 2 episode 2 changing gears. Transformers themes you like and dislike tfw2005 the. Transformers season 2 intro with season 3 theme youtube. I like the g1 theme for what it is as a major identity to the brand but nowadays the english openings are just bland and boring, not something like g1, bw, or cybertron that will be remembered. Transformers cyberverse season 2 power of the spark official trailer. Transformers g1 season 1 episode 6 video dailymotion.

The salty seaman rob clay of radio free cybertron jen from stasis podiacon underground miguel from steel city bots follow. What if the g1 transformers cartoon had lasted a few more. The transformers s01e04 transport to oblivion video. The headmasters with 35 new episodes, however, it ignores the events of the rebirth and is set in a different continuity.

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